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Chief Seattle

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Tuesday, June 20

Klimt Alors!

Image Hosted by

The beautiful Gustav Klimt portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer has just been bought by Ronald S. Lauder, it will be on show at his Neue Galerie in Manhattan. The sale was aided by Christie's.

Image Hosted by

Read the NYT acrticle - Lauder Pays $135 Million, a Record, for a Klimt Portrait By Carol Vogel NYT

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Monday, June 19

A dragonfly in my tea!

Image Hosted by

A new and pleasantly surprising tea discovery: "Dragonfly Tea" a brand we hadn't heard of before. The dragonfly teas we've sampled include the organic darjeeling and the Wu Xin green which comes in three different green tea formulations. Both the green and the darjeeling are somewhat mild, an asset in our opinion, and are really very satisfying, a bit like a fine wine that doesn't assualt your taste buds at the first contact.

We find that letting the darjeeling steep for a full five minutes or longer is preferable. Unlike many tea bag -- sachet -- teas, the dragonfly darjeeling doesn't seem to give everything up within the first two minutes of steeping, or become bitter. The dragonfly darjeeling, though pleasant enough after two minutes, really comes into its own after five. We were very glad at the "response," too. Drinking either the dragonfly darjeeling or one of the WuXin greens first thing in the morning or at tea time provides ample boost to encourage one to get on the with rest of the day's business.

We were particularly glad to see that the darjeeling was organic, both for the low environmental impact this indicates as well as the health benefits to us. Perhaps, this deeply mellow tea owes its uniqe essence to its being organic; maybe it contains just a bit more of the wonderful enzymes for which we drink tea in the first place.

Image Hosted by

Just a note about the green tea, as something of a green tea expert, having drunk it around the world, from a variety of sources, Chinese, Japanese and Indian, we find that steeping it in water that is not quite boiling is best. Pour boiling water into the cup or tea pot, wait about fifteen - twenty seconds, and then put in the tea bag for best results. The green tea seemed perfect after about only a minute of steeping, really fine, and as advised long ago by a Japanese grocer, "Okay to use once again."

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Tuesday, May 16

Caged no.1

The mighty and majestic Hercules. I have never before met an animal with such a strong sense of knowing. These guys should be given a chance to keep living in their forests. Millions of hectares of land stands unplanted as pristine orangutan habitat falls under the guise of development.

Rescued from the Palm Oil plantations.
BOSF works hard to find new homes for displaced orangutans.
We need the entire palm oil industry to sign up to the principles of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
Only when the entire supply chain recognises the importance of sustainable palm oil can we hope there will be a future for orangutans in the wild.

Find out more:

BBC1 16:30 Really Wild Show, Weds 17th May

Palm Oil story reaches a Younger Generation

Those of you in the UK keep your eyes peeled for the Really Wild Show on the BBC this Wednesday (May 17th) at 4:30pm.

The show will feature a special report on the palm oil industry and its negative implications for the protection of rainforests and biodiversity in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Monday, April 10

Tabbatha, loving you forever

Tabbatha, loving you forever
Originally uploaded by zenera.
Our darling died in my lap at noon today.

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Sunday, March 19

Photography Exhibition

Not to be missed, beautiful images from an extremely talented photographer!

Two Rivers by Ilene Sterns
Photographs of the Thames and cherwell
26 February - 26 March 2006

Image Hosted by

The Rose
51 High Street
Oxford OX1 4AS
Tel: 01865 244429

See more of Ilene Sterns photography at

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Thursday, March 16


Originally uploaded by zenera.

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Monday, March 13

RIP L98 1999-2006

RIP L98 1999-2006
Originally uploaded by orcagirl.
Luna - an orca, a whale, a teacher, a messenger, a chief, a spirit, a dream, a friend, a warning, a test, an education, an experience, a realization, a protector, an awakening, an equal.

luna died today after being hit by a large tug boat. may his spirit be forever free for news on the story

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Monday, November 7

A Desirable Residence by Madeleine Wickham, reviewed by KJR for Bookzen

bookzen - literary reviews

Image Hosted by

The London Sunday Telegraph is reputed to have called A Desirable Residence by Madeleine Wickham "witty and wise," and it is almost difficult to add a lot more about this fairly well-written, plot-driven novel about average, middle-class Brits in mid-life crises. As circumstances of their various crises draw them together, they seem to prey on each other, exascerbating their own and each other's crises further.

Real-estate problems, buying, selling, and renting, form the initial linkages, though other crises soon intervene, including adultery, school exams, fraud, indebtedness, money-laundering, thwarted ambitions, envy, loneliness and just plain boredom. The four young people, children of the adult figures, are sketched very well and their stories are perhaps the most compelling, told as they are with a view to the intensity of adolescent angst, ennui, searching and vulnerability. This novel is in no way profound or moving, nor a page-turner, though it is an interesting, enjoyable read, an accurate and insightful portrayal of the very real if ordinary, uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing messes most of us find ourselves in from time to time thoughout our lives.

As in real life, there are a lot of loose ends that go unexplained, and much of life's less flattering detritus is swept aside, where hopefully, as the characters plod on, it will lie out of sight, gradually to be passed over, if not forgotten. The ending is a bit like a fairy tale, though perfectly plausible and real enough, as if charity, forgiveness, atonement and repentence, practised in sincere measure, can turn back at least some of the tide.

Categories: , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Thursday, October 6

Kepler's reopening! 11am Sat Oct 8 2005

Yes isn't that wonderful! I have fond memories of that place and had been really sad to hear that the famous Kepler's had had to close recently. Some people have come forward and invested in this special bookshop in Menlo Park.

So this will be quite a party on Saturday, not to be missed!

A9 map

Read the article - Community Investment Rescues a Bookstore via...NYT

Technorati Tags: , , , , , , ,

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Monday, October 3

Today's eclipse

Today's eclipse
Originally uploaded by zenera.
You can see the eclipse reversed in miniature on the left

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Saturday, September 17

Accelerating Change 2005

bloggzen - total immersion blogging technology innovation
ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

Image Hosted by

"Artificial intelligence ("AI"), broadly defined, improves the intelligence and autonomy of our technology. Intelligence amplification ("IA") empowers human beings and their social, political, and economic environments."

The accelerating Change 2005 conference is on at Stanford.

This year there are many interesting speakers, including Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Joi Ito of Neoteny, Six Apart Japan and Technorati, also Ester Dyson of Release 1.0 and CNET Networks.

Check out thier Flickr photos in the next few days to see the fun that was had...Steve, Joi, Estr

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Friday, September 9

Please help Tabbatha's cousins

Please help Tabbatha's cousins
Originally uploaded by zenera.

The animals need your help, please donate to these charities. Pleople who have lost everything are suffering even more because they are worried and devestated by having lost thier pets. Many of them were forced to leave behind thier animals and not allowed to take them to the shelters. These organisations are rescuing lost, trapped and abandoned pets in the Katrina aftermath..

The lists all the charities helping both people and animals.

Katrina people finder

Craigslist read this thread see if you can help, listing , help offered, lost and found animals etc. This is just one CALL THESE NUMBERS & HELP SAVE LOST PETS BEFORE A SHOOT TO KILL ORDER sign a petition to let people take thier pets with them!!!!

IFAW Animals Around the World Need Your Help

LA/SPCA - Hearts
Unleashed (9/5/05) A temporary shelter is set up in Gonzales, Louisiana, ...

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Providing direct support to help rebuild facilities and relocate animals.

Noah's Wish Helping to keep animals alive in face of the storm devastation.

United Animal Nations Providing emergency animal sheltering and disaster relief services.

American Humane Association Providing emergency animal services.

American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery Providing animal recovery and supplies.

Best Friends Animal Society Helping animal victims of the storm.

North Shore Animal League America Providing temporary shelter for pets.

Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Monday, August 29


Originally uploaded by zenera.

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Wednesday, August 17

Flickrzen is up for the Flicky's Awards - do vote!

My Flickrzen Group was nominated in Excellence In Groups with 500- 1000 members:

Please do vote for Flickrzen here thank you!

Thanks to Therese Flanagan for nominating Flickrzen!

Thanks to everyone that I Flickrzenned for your wonderful pictures and for letting me spotlight you on Flickrzen!

Description - Flickrzen spotlights exeptional photographs, be
that subject, technique or rarity, found on flickr - "Almost certainly
the best online photo management and sharing application in the world".


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Sunday, July 24

Grass skirts

Grass skirts
Originally uploaded by zenera.

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Friday, July 15

Cat - Lovers

Cat - Lovers
Originally uploaded by zenera.

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Monday, July 11


Originally uploaded by zenera.

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Saturday, July 9

Φτερά της ειρήνης - feathers of peace

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Sunday, April 17


Originally uploaded by zenera.

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Wednesday, April 13

JPG Magazine Issue:2 "Lost"

fotozen - private view

Image Hosted by

Issue 2 of JPG Magazine, the quarterly of brave new photography, is here. Inside you'll find 43 photographic interpretations of the word "lost." Also includes a set of powerful portraits by featured photographer Ryan Keberly of Detroit's disposessed, as well as an interview with Adriene Hughes, who is using photography in her battle with cancer. This issue of JPG Magazine paints a new picture of what it means to be lost ... and found.

Submit Now:
JPG Magazine Issue 3: FABULOUS is now open for submissions! What does "fabulous" look like to you? Submit your fabulous photo today!

Join the Flickr JPG Magazine Group

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